UNFPA TEENS Project- Balaka

17 April 2024

UNFPA TEENS Project- Balaka


2023 gave us an opportunity to work with over 2,000 Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGWY) in the district of Balaka. The past months have been nothing but very educative, informative and encouraging to see what AGYW's can do when given the right resources. We are thankful for the collaboration that has been there from the Balaka district council offices and the communities that we work with. Most importantly the Embassy of Ireland for its financial support through UNFPA Malawi.


Overview 120 mentors trained in the safe space mentorship model 240 Male champions trained in promoting positive masculinities 120 people trained in Theatre for development for advocacy and outreach activities 35 Psychosocial counsellors trained to provide counselling, case management, referrals and follow-up services. 120 GBV survivors and vulnerable adolescent girls and young women trained in village savings and loans Output 1: Psychosocial support counselling and referral activities strengthened 37 safe space group counselling sessions and 71 individual sessions conducted with 676 mentees resulting in 79 referrals 218 community counselling sessions conducted and 145 door to door visits Output 2: Information, prevention and outreach activities widened 114 Safe spaces established with 6 focal mentors and have finalized 6 months’ mentorship program 1369 AGYW have accessed YFHS services 104 GBV cases reported from safe spaces 94 mentees have gone back to school 42 peer to peer sessions targeting community AGYW conducted and 2288 reached with mentorship 114 Safe spaces established with 6 focal mentors and have finalized 6 months’ mentorship program 12,094 men and boys engaged by male champions 60 community joint activities by mentorship programme and male champions 14 Male clubs established by male champions. Output 3: Technological innovation, learning and scaling up 120 Tablets and power banks distributed 120 Mentors trained in basic digital literacy, online skills and tailored applications and platforms 117 Mentors trained in KOBO toolbox for reporting Mentors accessing wide range of information from tailored platforms and applications such as WhatsApp Chatbot, Wanji games, 3-2-1 platforms and CSE application Purpose “The tablets have transformed me into a powerful mentor, amplifying my impact in safe spaces. they've unlocked a world of possibilities— banking, current affairs, job hunting. guiding my mentees, i share the keys to health resources, emergency contacts, and the wealth of knowledge on 3-2-1 service and WhatsApp chatbot platform." FLORA CHILANGA (Mentor) “Amidst the challenges of teen motherhood and school dropout, the safe spaces embraced me. With the help of my mentor and other teen mothers at the safe space, I found courage to reclaim my education. Now, I am saving through VSL and I've returned to school, igniting hope for a brighter tomorrow.” TADALA MPONDA (Mentee)