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Welcome to the FOCESE News and Events page, your portal to the latest updates on our initiatives, achievements, and upcoming activities. Here, you'll find a wealth of information on how FOCESE is making a difference in the lives of Malawi's youth, as well as opportunities to get involved and stay engaged with our mission.

International Day of African Child

Today  Balaka hosted the International Day of African Child 2023 with the Minister of Gender Jean Sendeza as Guest of Honor Malawi Government under the theme the rights of children in the digital environment. Our organization FOCESE was honored to be the Chairperson of the organizing task force for this National Event.

Monitoring the progress of sanitary pads making at Sankhulani F.P schoo

Monitoring the progress of sanitary pads making at Sankhulani F.P school in Nsanje district with support from Norwegian Church Aid Malawi and Danchurchaid in Malawi . We are working towards creating a world where no one is held back because they menstruate by 2030.

Visit From "Purposeful" to interact with Zammimba girls club and Girls Arise Foundation

We were delighted to have "Purposeful" visit us, where they had the opportunity to interact with the girls that are part of the Zammimba girls club and Girls Arise Foundation. This gave them the opportunity to appreciate what and how we interact with the girls and get to hear how the girls club and mentorship sessions we have with them have helped shape their decisions and life.

Resources Distribution at Chidyamanga and Mbiya camp in T/A Ngabu

Distribution at Chidyamanga and Mbiya camp in T/A Ngabu some of the remaining camps in Chikwawa District. Beneficiaries are receiving mats, solar torches, buckets and plastics sheets to help with reintegration into the community.Some of the beneficiaries included: elderly, disabled, AGYWs, Child headed house holds, Lactating mothers and pregnant women. With support from Norwegian Church Aid Malawi

International day to end Obstetric Fistula

Every year on May 23rd, the International Day to End Obstetric Fistula raises awareness of this medical issue and mobilizes worldwide support for child-bearing women. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obstetric fistula affects up to 100,000 women a year. Most of these women live in poverty. A simple surgery treats obstetric fistulas. The surgery costs about $600. Sadly, many women needing this surgery cannot afford it. With the community fund supported by Spotlight initiative , it has helped with financial assistance to women and girls suffering from fistula get help, by supporting identification of fistula patients by the Community Victim Support Unit, initial assessments at Nsanje District hospital and leading to referral to the countrys referral hospitals to be assisted by specialist.  The funds have helped them return to their normal lives, a life without discrimination or stigma. And has shown the commitment that spotlight initiative has towards ensuring a health adolescent girl and young woman in the community. As we commemorate the International day to end obstetric fistula, let us all take part in helping prevent early child birth as it is one leading cause of fistula

Distribution of dignity kits

We were honored to have Her Excellency the Royal Norwegian Ambassador Ingrid Marie Mikkelsen and the Country director for Norwegian Church Aid Malawi Danchurchaid in Malawi joint country program in Malawi Harvard Hovdhaugen kick start our dignity kits distribution in Chikwawa District T/A Ngabu as we respond to Cyclone Freddy and cholera.

From computer lessons to conquering opportunities

A young ever vibrant girl Hazel Kachingwe, resident of village of Kandengwe in Balaka District, Malawi, is one you can describe to be full of ambition, zeal and courage. A very bubbly young girl to be around and a smart one too, from the little exposure of computer lessons she got from the adolescent girl's computer club offered at Foundation for Civic Education and Social Empowerment (FOCESE) opened doors that she never would have dreamt of.

Hazel's fascination with computers began at a young age though she attended schools that did not provide computer lessons, as she grew older; her desire to acquire computer skills intensified. Recognizing the opportunity of free computer lessons for adolescents that FOCESE provided through her involvement with Girls Arise Foundation (mentored by FOCESE), Hazel seized it to expand her knowledge and improve her prospects before applying for college where she wanted to pursue Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at the University of Malawi. Under the guidance of FOCESE, she learned essential tools like Microsoft package and efficient typing, all of which would later prove to be instrumental in her journey.

From the outset, it was evident that Hazel possessed a natural aptitude for computers and excelled in her studies. Her impressive performance did not go unnoticed, and soon she found herself helping her peers with their computer-related challenges, even in the absence of a tutor. As her expertise grew, so did her involvement in other initiatives, such as the Girls Arise Foundation. Within the project, Hazel emerged as a shining example, leading and presenting at various meetings and field events, empowering and inspiring her fellow girls. With such dedication to her involvement she was selected to represent Malawi at the 10th African Conference on Sexual Reproductive Health in Sierra Leone, with support from We Purposeful and Global Fund for Women through partnerships with FOCESE.

With bags packed, hearts filled with excitement and being the first in their families to get on an airplane and travel outside of the boarders of Malawi, Hazel and her peers embarked on a journey that would forever alter their perspectives as young girls. In Sierra Leone, they immersed themselves in learning about sexual reproductive health and rights, understanding that girls can aspire to achieve greatness and become anything they desire. Hazel's ambition soared, and her understanding of human rights deepened, thanks to exposure to a different culture and shared experiences.

The conference not only broadened their knowledge but also taught them invaluable life skills, such as managing projects independently as they have been mentored by FOCESE on how to write a proposal and now successful received a grant. As part of their training, they were assigned a project focusing on menstrual hygiene, which they successfully implemented upon their return to Malawi called Binti (meaning girl in chichewa). They project focused on teaching other girls how to make reusable sanitary pads, which they later distributed to other adolescent girls in need. The computer lessons that initially sparked Hazel's journey had opened a plethora of opportunities for her, as she has desire to help stock up the computer room with new computers as the number of interested students keeping growing and to be the same page with new technologies with the funding from We purposeful.

Now equipped with newfound confidence and experiences, Hazel set her sights on her ultimate goal: pursuing a degree in computer science at the esteemed University of Malawi Chancellor College. Her determination and dedication paid off, and today, she proudly walks the corridors of the university that 'God loved the most', working towards turning her dreams into reality. With her sights set on the future, Hazel envisions opening her own company in the computer science field. However, she remains grounded and humble, using her platform to encourage her fellow Malawian girls to believe in themselves and their abilities. She exemplifies that anything is possible for a Malawian girl who dares to dream and work hard. In her advocacy, she urges girls to participate actively in organizations like FOCESE and embrace the Girls Arise Foundation, as it can be a gateway to unforeseen opportunities. Till date Hazel shows up at the adolescent computer room during her school holidays to help tutor other aspiring girls just like her.

As the sun sets over the serene landscapes of Balaka, Hazel Kachingwe's success story serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for countless young girls who dare to dream big. Her remarkable journey, from humble beginnings to seizing opportunities and creating change, is a testament to the power of education, determination, and the belief that a single spark of inspiration can ignite a blaze of success.